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She Cares

Safe Haven Endeavour

Caring for Mother & Child When Most Vulnerable in Namibia


Since the beginning of the ages God's Word has resounded throughout the millennia that life is precious and it is His gift to mankind. He has said in the beginning, "Be fruitful and multiply".

Gen 1:28; Gen 9:1 He said it to all creation, man included.

Again and again his Word confirms this, "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward". Psa 127:3 God requires His church to care for women and children in need and so be His hands and heart on earth.

Jam 1:27; Deu 10:18; Mat 25:34-36; Mat 25:37-40
No Debate
For every child of God abortion is no debate. Imagine a bouncing toddler in the midst of 2 adults and they debating his murder. In no community will it be acceptable, Christian or not. Now imagine that same child, yet unborn in his mother's womb, without a voice, yet now the argument has become globally acceptable that the silent one's life is dispensable. Human life has lost it's value. It has come up for debate. Consider if your mother and father were of this opinion and snuffed out your opportunity to breathe your first breath. Let life and death stay the choice of the Creator of life.
As a Namibian society the value of a child has always been highly regarded. Children's homes and adoption have been scarce only because families would take in the orphan and unwanted. It is grandmothers and aunts who take care of the young when the mother could not. Our future lies in children and the Namibian has understood this well. Many other social problems plague our country. Take immorality fueled by alcohol and drug abuse and the devastation it has caused on our society and in homes. Blame that and not the children born from rape and violence. God has had grace with our nation for honouring the life that He gave. Let us not as a nation provoke the wrath of God for shedding innocent blood of the unborn. Deu 19:10; Psa 106:37-38,40

SHE cares will be a Namibian Christian initiative for the people driven by people who care enough to make a difference one life at a time.

There will be various aspects to this endeavour.

  • We want to help mothers-to-be to safely have their babies and learn to care for them if they so choose which is the best by far. This will include counseling and physical support to empower them to be the mother that God intended for them to be.
  • Then we also want to help mothers who choose to give over the care of their baby to another to do so confidently and securely knowing that their child will not be exploited.
  • A third emergency option will be a safe haven for unwanted babies for those who want to anonymously choose life above dumping a precious soul for death.
We as a nation need to take control for our future's sake.

Children are a blessing

For many reasons

They bring joy

Each child has a great potential to bring joy to those around them when received with thanksgiving.
There is nothing that compares to the sweetness of a baby.

The future generation

Each child contributes and fills a unique purpose in the next generation to come.
You actually hold a new adult in your arms, and have the opportunity to influence him or her for the good of their generation.

A Companion

You will not soon be lonely with a little child to care for. They bring companionship that no animal can fill.
Love them now and they will love you untill you are old.

They teach us...

Selflessness, kindness, humility, to love without expectations.
There is beauty in the simplicity of a child's faith. They can inspire us to trust beyond our understanding.
Count your blessings

Abortion doesn't have to be the only choice

In need of help? Interested to get involved?