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Just because he cannot cook or count, doesn't make him any less alive,
Months ago he couldn't even breathe, yet given time and love he will survive.

The question of life before birth has been a contended one for many generations, that has received even more attention and deliberation ever since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Many have been halting between two opinions whether life truly starts before birth.

Reaching for the Bible we will look at what the word of God teaches about when and where life begins and how we are to think about it. After all God, being the creator of all human life, should be best able to teach us how to think about life before birth.

Is there life from conception before birth?


The Christian Duty

As Christians we look at the facts and it overwhelms the heart with a sense of duty towards the unborn, who's lives are threatened to be taken from them at every occasion.

We cannot change the laws that give freedom to woman to do to their unborn as they wish. God has given men and women a free will.

What can we then do?

Give women another option:

Many women feel they have no other choice but to do an abortion. Either circumstances or family forces them to have no other option.

  • Adoption - it is always an option and it is one of the best solutions for unwanted children. A family for each child.
  • Support women to have their babies safely.
  • Baby boxes - a new option to mothers to prevent dumping their babies.

Many critics of anti-abortion campaigns lay this blame at the door of those who cherish life... what will be done with the millions that are aborted every year?