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Abortion Procedures

Medical & Surgical

If you are here and looking at abortion options it implies that you recently found out you are pregnant. Whatever the reason may be for you not wanting a baby, many have been in a similar situation for centuries. The procedures have just grown more refined and sociably acceptable

Make an informed choice

"What does abortion mean?"

Abortion will stop your baby from growing in the womb in order to prevent it from surviving after the birth.
Through technology and medical advancements many ways have been devised to stop your pregnancy and have it end in the death and premature birth of your baby. Whether you are 6 weeks along or 16, an abotion somehow needs to stop the growing life in you and then be removed from the womb whether by inducing early labour or mechanical removal to achieve a successful abortion. If the life proceeds the abortion has failed.

"Why are there many options?"

It depends on how far along your pregnancy is. Because you are pregnant it means you have a rapidly developing baby inside of you growing bigger every day. The means by which the life is ended and birthed becomes more involved and complicated as time progresses. Many contraceptives stop your pregnancy already by the time you will be having your next period without you finding out you were pregnant. So options available in early pregnancy (6-10 weeks) will no longer work for bigger babies that is older than 10 weeks. Of course there is the option to embrace the child forming in you, and give it a fair chance in life as you've been given.

"They say it will be pain free!"

Truth is you have cramps before or during your periods. An abortion is a similar process, there is just more endometrial tissue, placenta, membranes and the tissue of the baby. It is more like the birth process. Even if they use suction to manually remove all the parts of the baby and above mentioned the womb still needs to contract to stop the bleeding again.

Yet more than physical discomfort there remains the reality of a broken heart of the mother for the death of her innocent baby. No ones wants to have you talk about this reality. Even online searches and psychology at large denies and refuses to admit that the mother-to-be suffers long after the physical healing from an abortion has taken place. Read more here about the mental realities of abortion.

Another heart weeps and will He not do well to avenge the innocent? He is the Creator and whether we acknowledge Him as such does not change the facts.
And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. 
~ Jesus
Your Options for Abortion

Abortive contraceptives

*These are available & legal in Namibia
There are available contraceptions that will prevent your early pregnancy for coming to full term. Termination normally happens by your next period. This includes the morning-after pill, the injection, the pill, both the hormonal patch and ring as well as IUD's.
They might prevent pregnancy to a degree but their second line of defense is to make the uterus hostile for implantation. Long term use can even cause unwanted miscarriages after you stop taking them.

Medical Abortion

*These are available but technically illegal in Namibia

A combination of an antiprogestogen first and then a prostaglandin analogue. You will need to confirm your pregnancy and pay a visit to a doctor or abortion clinic to obtain a prescription for these.
These are for up to 10 weeks pregnant.

There are complications to taking even to these seemingly harmless tablets.

Surgical Abortion

*These are only legal when granted by the court of Namibia
Many ways have been developed to remove a baby from the womb from 10 weeks pregnant onwards. These are done in clinics in a surgical ward. From sucking the baby out of the uterus when it is small enough, to the use of surgical instruments to divide the body in smaller portions to be sucked out are the common options you have.
In late-term abortions the baby needs to be killed by injection and/or cutting the umbilical cord before the extraction procedure starts because the baby will be born intact.
In countries where abortions are legal these are done with no legal implications.

Home Abortions

*These are illegal and extremely dangerous
Ladies are confronted with the implications of unplanned & unwanted pregnancy and desperation drives them to take measures in their own hands to have an abortion.
From drinking dangerous concotions to kill the baby and bring on labour to physically destroying the baby via the cervix women turn to these options as a remedy. These procedures can mutilate or kill a woman. It can destroy her ability to ever bear children again or introduce infections that can become life threatening if not treated medically.
Avoid this option under all circumstances

Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.
Psa 106:37-38

We Propose this option

Choose Life

We are here to help you make the best of your bad situation without taking a life, not yours neither your baby's