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We hear so often that women has the right to decide what to do with their own bodies. She certainly does but that doesn't mean all choices are equally good.

At SHE Cares we want to give every Namibian woman the option to choose life for her unborn child and herself.

And I will give her the valley of Achor for a door of hope
Hosea 2:15 ~ God

Safe Haven Pregnancy Homes

Our first venture is to provide homes across Namibia where pregnant women can go for help when their present situation becomes dangerous, life threatening or she is just in need of counsel, guidance and support both physically and emotionally.

Abandoned Child Care Facilities

We are in the process of registering to receive abandoned babies to care for and possibly provide safe and secure homes for them.

We plan to include baby boxes at these facilities nation wide for mothers to anonymously release their babies into safe care.

Pregnancy Care Centres

We are planning to establish care centers for pregnant women nation-wide, especially in rural areas where women can receive training in ante- and postnatal health care, child care as well as basic housekeeping and financial accountability to empower Motherhood without Fear.

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